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I found these little spectrum analyzers/ Signal generator for sale on the web and decided to buy these and see what it is.

To be honest I think these are very nice tools for a Ham, quite cheap and very nice performing.
The only disadvantage is the small display, the OM will probably need his reading glasses.

Model tinySA tinySA ultra
Display Resistive touch, 2,8", 320x240 pixels Resistive touch, 4.0", 480x320 pixels
Frequency 100kHz - 350MHz low
240MHz - 960MHz high
100 kHz - 800 MHz (normal mode)
100kHz - 6GHz (ultra mode)
Modes Low input, High input, Low output, High output Normal mode, Ultra mode
RF Generator max -6 dBm sine wave and 13 dBm square wave  
measuring points per scan Max 290 Max 450
SD-card Not available Micro SD-card
Audio-output Not available 3,5 mm audio
Price  65,00  195,00



The TinySA version is for sale for 65,-

tinySA spectrum analyser


The TinySA Ultra version is for sale for 195,-


All further info available on the tinySA wiki!