Pictures from my antenna, antenna coupler and elevation rotor

Antenne 4x 24 el. LFA Yagi.
I developed this antenna together with Justin G0KSC

My station:
Elecraft K3 + transverter TR432H locked to 10 MHz GPS reference.

Preamp still in the shack, FHX35 0,18 dB NF with 22 dB gain.

Power Amp, modified from 2x Telefunken SSPA.

Cable between shack and antenne 10 meter long Ecoflex15. This has 1 dB loss.


Antenna coupler home made using 4 quart wave transformers
The elevation mechanism came from a big Dish installation and was modified using an actuator motor and frame to mount the H-frame for the antennas.

Results until now

36x DXCC, WAC (using single LFA) Heard several 1 Yagi stations and worked with Z21EME en PZ5UD

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