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Stations setup PA0PLY // JO22IH

I use a TS2000X as transceiver

3cm Antenna  3 mtr Andrew Dish
RX: Mod SAT LNB pre-amp 1.20dB
TX: TWTA -Thompson - 40Watt
Controller: VK5DJ
23cm Antenna 3 mtr Andrew Dish
RX: G4DDK pre-amp 0.40dB
TX: SSPA - PE1RKI - 150Watt
Controller: VK5DJ
Controller: VK5DJ

on the left for 70 cm with potmeter readout

Right the controller for 3 mtr dish with 12 bit encoders

70cm Antenne 8 x 13el DL0WU mod.
RX: DB6NT pre-amp 0.35dB
TX: SSPA - R&S VH 501-600Watt
Controller: VK5DJ

Coming soon 13cm
Antenna 3 mtr Andrew Dish
RX: G4DDK pre-amp 0.50dB
TX: SSPA - Andrews 150Watt
Controller: VK5DJ

On my website I have an up to date EME database for 432Mhz and up with all EME stations. This database is updated once a month.


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