QRV on 5,7 GHz, 10 GHz and 24 GHz, not very active

using a 3 meter Andrew dish with a modified radar gearbox and a Sat TV actuator for elevation.

Using IN3HER design for tracking, full automatic tracking within 0.1 degrees.

My first ever EME QSO was on 10 GHz on 15 September 2001 working W6HD (SK)

My system on 3 cm is a DB6NT low noise pre-amp nF = 0.7 dB

Power output about 90 watt at feed point using 6 mtr heliax waveguide between TWT and feed.

My 3 cm TWT

My system on 24 GHz is a DB6NT low noise pre-amp nF = 1.25 dB

Power output 10 watt at feed point from a Hughes TWT.

I was the first real QRP station on 24 GHz, W5LUA called me the most successful QRP EME station on 24 GHz.


24 GHz transmitter Brick oscillator on 8 Ghz multiplied to 24 GHz amplified with an SSPA to 1 Watt and then the TWT with about 12 Watt output, then a short piece of flexible waveguide to the waveguide switch.

Position of the feed in the dish is optimised for best results, needed to bee within few millimetre, makes about 3 dB difference.

My system on 6 cm is a DB6NT low noise pre-amp nF = 0.7 dB

Power output about 35 watt at feed point using  TWT.

6 cm transmitter with 40 Watt Hughes TWT
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