mast at remote


I am working on a new antenna mast for my remote system on 23 cm
At first I wanted it to be exact the same as I had before, construction mast of 9 mtr


While building it I decided it needed some extra height to be clear of several trees in northeast direction,
 total height is now 16 mtr heigh

I want to install a 21 elements 70 cm Yagi and my 2.5 mtr dish in this mast


First 6 mtr standing up


First 9 mtr are standing, including rotor plate, at 6 mtr which had to be removed to increase height of the mast

12 mtr standing up with rotor plate at 9 mtr

Now I have to lower the rotable mast then install the 70 cm antenna, then lift it up again and install the rotor.
After that I have to prepare for installing the dish

This dish will be mounted 2,5 mtr diameter with LPD feed for 23 and 13 cm