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I have lot's of other interests: flying, photography, my Pets, Gardening

I practice flying now since 1988. I have a privat pilots licence and fly single engine airplanes with a maximum of 4 persons in it.

The type of airplanes I fly is Robin R112  and Piper PA28.
My home airport is Rotterdam where the Vliegclub Rotterdam is located. 

I enjoy flying very much and together with my wife we try to fly as much as we can.

These are the places I have flown:

This photo shows you a plane in which I fly several times a year. It is a Robin R112 which  can load maximum 3 persons. It has a 180 horse power engine and a indicated airspeed of about 95 knots (ca 180 km/hr).

If you like to have more info on this wonderful hobby or if you want to make a introduction flight with me please contact me at :

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For information on my flying club take a visit at :

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On the page below you can find my tripreports for the VFR flight's I made

My Other Hobby, Flying 

My VFR flight to Greece   20-7-2004
My VFR flight to Spain/Portugal  9-8-2005

My VFR flight to Croatia and Bosnia

My VFR flight to Bulgaria in 2007 21-2-2013

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