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DLSHF Moon Beacon

Status of 10.368,025 MHz transmitter

status 15-4-2021 Indicated moon beacon state seems to have a problem
showing beacon on when it is actual not


Transmission sequence

  •      Even minute:

    1. :00 seconds - Transmit Enable keys up at the Tone 0 frequency,

    2. then at :01 seconds the WSJT transmission starts.

    3. At around :48 seconds the WSJT mode finishes and the Tx enable line is dropped.


  •      Odd minute:

    • at :00 seconds Tx enable is raised and the CW starts sending

      1. its callsign,

      2. followed by two digits corresponding to the minutes of the time and

      3. three letters, consonant-vowel-consonant forming the timestamp hash.

    • The CW repeats, so the whole message is sent twice.

    • After the second CW transmission finishes, there is period of carrier for 5 seconds.

    • Tx Enable drops at approximately :30 seconds depending on the length of the hash code.

  • The sequence then repeats at the even minute :00 seconds

  • DLSHF 10 GHz EME beacon

     DLSHF antenna 7.2 mtr dish




    Frequency: 10368.025 MHz; GPS stabilized

    Output power : 50 Watt


     water cooled
     SSPA with 50 
     Watt output



    Antenna: 7.2 mtr prime focus dish transmitting with vertical polarisation

    Location In North West Germany

    QRV: always when moon is visible with more than 10 degrees elevation at DL0SHF but only when moon declination is above 20 degrees North

    Transmitting CW and JT messages

    Very High Power is possible on request, mail to DK7LJ, about 750 Watt output

    For RX digital mode you must use WSJT mode Q65-60D

    transmitting Q65-D on even periods and CW (FSK) on odd.
    Other modes which can be selected by the beacon keeper: Q65-60E, Q65-120D and Q65-120E

    Dial frequency needed is 10368.024, which will bring the upper tone of the
    FSK and lower tone of the QRA at 1000Hz audio.